Introducing Cristina Neves Communication & Events

“Cristina Neves Communication & Events” works in the area of communication, promotional marketing, news agency, and Press Staff, and has expertise in advertising imported wines to the Brazilian market.

We have focused our business in the wine market, and we have thus become a reference for that market, by adding to the products with which we deal values related to their source and trust.

We assure our customers with a highly relevant and qualified presentation to the Brazilian world of wines.

 For our current and future customers, we offer a series of options for you to reach your target, as well as maintaining your credibility and quality of services when advertising and announcing news to journalists, opinion makers, magazines, supermarket dealers, importers, restaurants, sommeliers, and so forth.

In order to guarantee this, we count on more than 10 years of uninterrupted services concerning wine market.

For each product, institution, importers or wine company, we produce a specific plan of promotional marketing that aims at agreeing commercial objectives, market insertion, representation and label strengthening in the several wine trade scenarios maintained in our country today.

We count on a national mailing list (which we also offer the customer) constantly updated and redirected; as well as we count on supporting teams for the organization of these events. For each of the big wine consuming capitals of Brazil, there is a team to provide you with the service you require from us.

Such a specialized service would not be possible if we did not count on years of experience in producing and organizing institutional and promotional events, as well as advertising new labels to targeted audience, press meetings, product launch campaigns, promotions in selling points, among other methods of advertisement.

By offering you this context, we expect you to be sure of the differential of our business. Mainly, we hope we have made clear for you, current or future customer, that in the business field of wine, we have the best way to elaborate and make you reach with efficacy the targets defined for the promotional wine & related products marketing in Brazil.

Our best regards,

Cristina Neves Communication and Events.

























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