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Mass Marketing agonizes!

Information Technology is a great transforming force in science of Marketing. The disruption of management models based on Planning, Command and Control is real and now, with the advent of the pandemic, concrete and challenging:

Planning the unpredictable, looking with wide horizons is to increase the chance of error! It is necessary to adapt!

Our methodology starts with the knowledge of the wines and brands that we want to work with, and in line with the commercial team, to define audience profiles that we want or can reach!

It is then defined for this team, what is image maintenance (with those familiar with the product / brand), and what will be and can be prospected (new niches of consumption and promotion possible).

Thus, we develop PRACTICE PROJECTS in:

Communication (acculturation, generation of content for the press and the general public, information, stories, sponsorships, etc.);

Consumption (promotions, prizes, gifts, participation in fairs, partnerships with other brands and commercial partners (Horeca chain, supermarkets, stores, distributors, importers, etc.));

Social Media / Engagement (Online campaigns, Lead capture, links to e-commerce and advertising sites, Instagram (r), Facebook (r), WhatsApp (r), sponsorship of schools and associations / Wine Education, Sponsored Lives, etc.);

Press Agent and Public Relations (Client interface, Social Media, Magazines and Newspapers, Luxury Brands and Life Style, Press Trip);

Events (Wine Dinners, own lunches and fairs, sponsorship and participation in third-parties events or brands, festivals, Lives related to the commercial area, wine, educational / Master Classes, production, institutional market strategies, etc. (Zoom (r), Meeting ( r), etc.).

As it could not be, in this business management model adapted to the new market demands, the use of IT or better saying, of Digital Marketing, is a fundamental tool in each campaign of each project.

It is through it that we capture and manage positive and negative information, which allow realignments and tests in a quick way for each marketing focus player: press, social media, consumer niches, business partners, customers, etc.

Tune with the interests of our customers, feed back each project quickly, integrate with the commercial area, resilience in the direction of each campaign, focus on people and their profiles!

Our area of ​​expertise is in valuing the client's investment, generating returns, without "painting a zebra horse to look like a zebra": Act in the Brazilian wine market correctly and usefully!

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