Stay Home and make wine your best company!!

How could we live in those times of  Virus???

In fact, humans have today more time to think, to feel, and to invest in their private culture. In this sense, information is a product searched by everyone. Consequently, communication is but a business that is not only the biggest in the world, but also the one that surely moves a major number of resources into the market.

When talking about wine business, this context could not be any different. In Brazil, more and more people look for basic courses so to learn about it. Qualified professionals are hired to provide big companies with speeches and consulting services, whether to talk about wine lists, to deal with professional wine-tasting sessions, or to write articles for specialized journals, among other aspects that are noticed by those who live in this field and follow up such a market.

Class entities, as well as brotherhoods, which are spread throughout the national territory, take the wine culture to every corner of this country and show that there is room for information in such an area that has been restrained and that now demands for more (Social Media)

What do we professionals do in order to fulfill this demand?

Here is the time in which we are once more dealing with INFORMATION, which is so controversial but so convergent at the same time. However, when one who is considered a professional takes it as part of oneself, information does not turn into cultural goods to this person, to the market and to those who simply wish to learn about them so they can qualify their palate. The said ‘professional’ keeps it behind seven keys, as if it was a patrimony, a point of view to be defended. Thus, information becomes an exchange currency, and this is not something healthful.

What is a good wine? How can we learn whether we are drinking something bad or not? Who is the best producer? What is the best technique for one to care of the soil or to know the alchemy of the grapes?

Everyday, in different regions, thousands of consumers expect that we, wine professionals, tell them the basic guidelines of a good taste and a good relation between cost and profit.

Additionally, more than that, they expect that the information we provide them with will call their interest onto the subject, as well as tell them about the history that inspires and sharps the millenary drinking instinct of humans.

We from Cristina Neves Communication & Events aim at the distribution of wine culture in a simple way. - A NEW WINE ON LINE COMUNICATION.

This is done through news advertisement in social media, or through the opening media meeting of international and national on line events.

We prepare a series of speeches and quick presentations for events, targeting mainly at the international ones, so we can count on the participation of such an audience to divulge the wine culture, accumulated by professionals for so much time.

You can count on us. For us who are from Cristina Neves Communication & Events, 2020 is the year of on line wine information.

We shall see and drink a lot of information in 2020.


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